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Professional Trustees & Fiduciary Services

At Dowley Law, we are highly skilled and experienced in creating personalized, comprehensive estate plans to include trusts that will protect your assets and provide for you and your family in the future. We advise Trustees and Personal Representatives on how to wisely and effectively fulfill their responsibilities as a fiduciary to a trust/estate and its beneficiaries, and we can also take over this responsibility and manage your trust when you choose us as a professional trustee/fiduciary. With Dowley Law in this role, you will have a neutral third party overseeing your trust and ensuring all legal and ethical standards are upheld while your assets are managed in an objective manner. Our attorneys are well-versed in tax law and trust administration and will be certain that all legal requirements are satisfied, mitigating risk and saving time and alleviating stress on you and your family.

You may wish to consider using Dowley Law as a professional fiduciary especially if the beneficiary of the trust is a minor or disabled, if there are high-value assets, or if a family member is unwilling or unable to serve. You can be confident that Dowley Law will serve as an expert trustee and will administer your trust effectively and with the best interests of you and your family at the forefront.

At Dowley Law, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions for individuals and families throughout Massachusetts and surrounding areas. We understand the importance of creating a sound estate plan in order to protect your assets and loved ones, and we can work with you to get started on your plan. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your estate planning needs.

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